160 SQ.FT.

This project in Barrio Logan focused on the grungy, industrial side of the area that can be construed as appearing lifeless and stark. We found this area to be full of possibilities that could be brought to life through the use of the existing alleyways and rooftops.

The most sustainable way to build something new is to use an existing footprint. The current zoning allows building up to 50 feet while many of the warehouses stand between 20 – 30 feet tall.

This project shows a unique form in contrast to its surroundings that is attached to the roof of a warehouse. The Clip On project is a prototype for a new form of urban housing – urban infill designed to explore the relationship between sustainability and pre-fabrication. This relationship is explored by using a simple truss system with double-layered polycarbonate to allow light to filter through into the space, which also allows the Clip On to glow across the city at night.