RAD LAB recently completed a tenant improvement design for House of Air Adrenaline park in Carlsbad California. The 30,000 sq.ft. warehouse has been converted into an Adrenline Park hosting serveral training and recreational activities. 

The "Drop Zone" design consist of two 20' shipping containers and roof deck. 

Good day for the RAD LAB team. 


Recently RAD LAB has completed several new placemaking container throughout California. 

Uptown Biergarten - Monterey California

This small vacant lot located in the middle of an attractive shopping center has been forgotten for years, collecting blight and transits to camp out. RAD Lab designs were commissioned to activate the lot with the concept of a small urban park tasting room occupied by Berkeley based Field Works Brewery. 

With the purchase of three used 20' shipping containers, we managed to design and retrofit each container into a different use; One bar/serving space, one cold box (keg room), and one M/F restroom, leaving 80% of the lot left for open-air seating and socializing. 

Fieldworks Brewery - San Mateo California 

ABP Capital - Container Office - Encinitas California 

The client's need for growth was the driving component for the Office Pod container project. This project was designed with the use of one 40 foot recycled shipping container, repurposed into a small office within an existing office courtyard. The 40 foot container was divided into two (160 sq.ft.) private office spaces, each with private entry / exit doors. We incorporated a green roof into the design to mitigate interior heat gain as well as provide a natural landscape aesthetic that adapts to the surrounding courtyard context. Exterior windows differed on each end of the container, creating a unique experience for the two private offices on the interior. 

Another example of smart growth within a company, giving the client an inexpensive tool to expand in phases. 

House of Air - Carlsbad California

House of Air is an indoor Adrenaline Park. RAD LAB was commissioned to design the 30,000 square foot tenant improvement for the Carlsbad location. The two 20' stacked container design will serve as a drop zone for customers to free fall about 25' into an air bag. 

Meshuggah Shack - Coffee Container - San Diego California 

Great place for a morning coffee

Quartyard - Container Bar - San Diego California 

Ready for a beer. 


Recently, RAD Lab has been designing an eco bed and breakfast up north in the San Juan Islands, Washington State. Just two hours north of Seattle, this 160-acre plot of rural land privately owned will soon inhabit a modern barn style architecture with five detached modern glamping cabins capturing remote forestry and ocean views. 

We spent a couple days camping on the land, analyzing optimal views, sun orientation, and best placement of the main house and detached guest cabins. 

Concentrating on sustainable architecture, we will be reusing 90% of all trees cleared for the exterior building envelope and decking, bringing nature back into the architecture. Below are a couple renderings of the intail design. 

Main House  

Guest Cabins

Stay tuned for more updates. Construction will begin soon!