At RAD LAB we are committed to challenging the norm and pioneering new ways of architectural design. We take a minimalist and modern approach to developing state-of-the-art spaces for the public and private realm. We believe that space design has the power to inspire individuals and activate communities.



Our team is not only talented but highly creative and innovative. Our process is inspired by the wide range of cities that we have travelled to and carry a deep rooted appreciation for art, culture and design. We observe, listen and design spaces according to the people that they aim to inspire.



We approach our projects with a core understanding that what we create has the power to influence the future. We believe that architecture has the power to transform communities and influence the way that people live. Our designs are driven by purpose- to inspire individuals, foster community and impact the future.



RAD LAB is a San Diego based licensed architecture firm founded by Philip Auchettl, David Loewenstein and Jason Grauten, three honors graduates of NewSchool of Architecture + Design. What started as a thesis project turned into RAD LAB’s first development and one of San Diego’s most beloved community spaces. Quartyard, an Urban Park constructed from repurposed shipping containers in Downtown San Diego, serves as an eco-friendly outdoor community space. It plays host to a number of cultural events from farmers markets to film festivals and outdoor concerts and is home to a coffee shop, restaurant, dog park, beer garden and music venue. Quartyard’s utilization of sustainable and innovative design offers San Diegans and visitors a unique outdoor experience and has positioned RAD LAB as experts in shipping container architecture.

RAD LAB has emerged as a powerful leader in social design and is sought out nationally and internationally for exceptional tactical urban architecture design. Through an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to architecture, RAD LAB has established itself as an award winning architecture firm.